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Brake Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

Are your brakes squishy and soft?

Are they too stiff?

Do they make your car swerve?

These and many other problems can be solved by the expert brake repair service at ABC Towing & Repair Service, serving the Ringgold, GA Area.

Our ASE certified mechanics handle brake fluid problems, replace worn brake pads and master brake cylinders, and they repair froze calipers, to name a few examples.

We back our work with a 24-month nationwide warranty, and we provide free shuttle service to get you home or back to work.

Brake Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

Our mechanics are experienced at a wide variety of brake problems.  They always look for affordable, effective solutions.

  • Soft brakes can mean imminent danger! If the brake pedal sinks to the floor, you may have a leak in the braking system or air in the system. Worst-case scenario: The master brake cylinder has gone bad. We can diagnose the situation and give you cost-effective options.
  • Another possible cause of brake problems: the power boost unit for the brakes is defective. You may see this if the brakes are either too stiff or too soft. We have the technology to detect and fix this problem.
  • Squeaky brakes usually mean the brake pads are wearing out, an effect of normal wear and tear. We can replace front brakes, back brakes, or both units if you need. We also will check the rest of the braking system, including the brake discs.
  • Do you have to pump the brake pedal to make the car stop? This can often be solved with a brake adjustment or more brake fluid.  If the brake pedal is unusually stiff it could mean a pinched brake line or a clog in the brake line.  These are just some of the brake issues that we face and repair every week at ABC Towing & Repair Service in Ringgold, GA


Brake problems?  Contact us for top-notch, affordable brake repair service in Ringgold, GA.

ABC Towing diagnoses and solves brake problems in Ringgold, GA

Good brakes are essential for the safety of you and your family as well as other people on the road.

We’re always happy to inspect your brake system to make sure it’s working properly.

More causes of brake problems:

  • If your vehicle pulls to the side when you apply the brakes, you want to bring it in as soon as possible to reduce the risk of a crash.  Often, but not always, the problem goes back to frozen or stuck calipers, which help apply the brake pads. But the problem may not be brake-related at all. You could have a bad tire, an alignment problem or other issue. We’re a full-service shop and we will get the problem diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.
  • Are you getting “bad vibrations” when you apply the brakes? Generally speaking, a problem with your rear brakes will cause the entire vehicle to shake. A vibrating steering wheel usually indicates a problem up front.
  • Parking brake problems often are located in the cable that raises and lowers the barking brake. This would explain, for example, a parking brake that won’t fully release when you try to lower it.

ABC Towing & Auto Repair Service has the knowhow to handle all these issues quickly and economically. 

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