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Auto Transmission maintenance…get the right torque with ABC Towing and Repair in Ringgold GA

Your car needs power in every season. Do you need more torque when you hit the pedal? We have the answer. The secret is in your transmission.  Get to the road and make sure your transmission is in good shape. At ABC Towing and Repair in Ringgold GA, we want you to know just why transmission maintenance is so important to keeping your wheels up.

What is the role of a transmission? It allows a vehicle the ability to shift into drive to accelerate or shift into reverse allowing the vehicle to move backwards. These up and down shifts are possible using multiple gears built into the transmission. Those gears can get weary over time and need to be maintained.  This is critical to the entire functionality of the vehicle.  A well-maintained transmission is just as important as a well-maintained engine. Maybe your engine might be running smoothly but the transmission is the system that uses the engines’ power to push the vehicle down the road.  If the transmission goes on the fritz there is no mechanism the engine can use to keep a vehicle from becoming “stuck on the side of the road.”
What does that mean?  Your car may need a complete rebuild or replacement. Ouch, that can be expensive.  Expect that any vehicle driven long enough might have a transmission in need overhaul or replacement. While that is a fact, you can add longevity to the system with proper maintenance. Our team of expert technicians can help get your car in good shape and hopefully add months, miles, and years to all four wheels.  

One of the most important maintenance procedures is to ensure the transmission fluid is not burnt out or low.  That is number one!  The manufacturer of the vehicle always provides information on when you need to flush and replace the transmission fluid.  Proper transmission fluid maintenance is as important as fresh oil in the engine.  Imagine running the engine with no oil. The vehicle is a goner. The same goes for the fluid in a transmission.

While all cars require transmission checks, here is a sign that it should be sooner rather than later.

Transmission slipping? Auto Transmission Repair in Ringgold GA

If you are driving and notice that your car is slow to shift into the appropriate gear you are probably experiencing the transmission slipping.

What does it feel like?  Information is power so here is the net. If your car is slow to lock into gear, that is the beginning of a real problem.  You are probably experiencing your transmission unable to take the engine’s power and shift the vehicle into gear. That is dangerous as the transmission is probably already incurring damage.  The best thing to do is to make an appointment with ABC Towing and Repair in Ringgold GA as soon as possible.  Driving on a damaged transmission will only make matters worse and total damage can quickly follow.

Let us help you keep your car on the road with transmission maintenance and repair.  There are many miles to travel.

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