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Hit the brakes with ABC Towing and Repair! Make sure your car runs sweet and brakes right on time!

Destination bound? Good tread on wheels are important when your most precious cargo, your friends and family, are in the car.  That said, the “tread” can only function well if it has a solid braking system connected to it to regulate everything from speed to stop. That system is what guarantees you will get you and your passengers safely to that destination and in any type of weather.  The net? You need that excellent system and ABC Towing can ensure you have the best. So, let’s talk, “how to stop.”

There are multiple components to a five-star braking system.  Take for example the brake pads, which ironically are an especially important part of a solid system.  ABC Towing examines the health of the entire system when your car is in service. The specialists at ABC will give you the best advice and most equitable options when your brakes are in disrepair and replace old with new.

Let’s “dig in” a little deeper. How about the subject of brake pads?  Without them, your vehicle won’t have any room to stop. If your brake pads are worn, your braking capability can get close to being eliminated. That is dangerous and puts you and others on the road in “harms” way. Not only that, but it also affects another vital part of the braking system, the rotors. Damage to the rotors can make things awfully expensive.

How can this be eliminated?  Make sure those pads don’t get worn or thin.  There are many types of pads with various pros and cons.  Considering all of them will help you choose how to “suit up” your ride.

Auto Brake Repair Service in Ringgold GA


Here is a rundown of different types of pads to consider.
            Pros: These pads are relatively inexpensive and are quieter than others
            Cons: They wear down much more quickly than other types of pads

            Pros: These pads provide more torque or power in stopping your           vehicle.
            Cons: However they can be louder, screech a bit, and generate more dust


Pros: Once again, these pads have tremendous stopping power. Almost as much as Semi-Metallic Pads. 
Cons: Range in quality. Keep in mind the more you spend the better the pad.

But there is so much more to tell.  More information is available online. Check out this handy resource to find out more. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/r/advice/car-maintenance/brakes-basics-the-components-in-the-braking-system

After you get a good grip on all the info, brake at ABC  Towing and get answers to any further questions. Let ABC get you off safely to your destination. 

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