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Automobile Engine Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

Whenever your car’s “Check Engine” Light comes on you immediately grit your teeth and wonder what’s next.  What sort of trouble does this mean? Is it something serious and costly? Or is just one of those nuisance lights telling me the gas cap is loose?

First things first: Check the gas cap. If it’s on tight, then come see us at ABC Towing & Repair Service in Ringgold GA.  We have the equipment and the experienced auto technicians to read the diagnostic codes and tell you if the problem is major or minor. Then you have firm information and can make your best decision armed with facts.

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We are conveniently located at 2524 HWY 41 Ringgold, GA 30736

We provide engine repair services in Chattanooga and the surrounding area and we guarantee our work!

The experienced automotive technicians at ABC Towing & Repair have plenty of experience diagnosing and solving problems signaled by the “Check Engine” light.  That’s valuable experience because the light could indicate you may have one of many different problems including:

  • Sensors can fail, causing your gas mileage to plummet. Items like the oxygen sensor and the mass airflow sensor are important to your engine’s performance
  • The catalytic converter may be deteriorating. This is a costly repair because the catalytic converter controls exhaust emitting from your car.


  • The problem could lie with spark plugs, wiring or the ignition coils. Pay attention because spark plug problems, for example, can lead to problems for the catalytic converter.
  • Your vehicle’s thermostat can get stuck and fail to do its job –regulating the engine coolant temperature to warm and cool as needed.

ABC Towing & Repair Service has the tools and the technicians to fix these problem economically and efficiently.

ABC Towing & Car Engine Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

On the plus side, most “Check Engine” lights don’t mean you must stop driving immediately. HOWEVER, we do recommend that you have your vehicle diagnosed by a technician immediately. (The oil light, however, means major problems. Stop driving immediately when you see that light.)

The best approach for fixing a “Check Engine” light is to let us diagnose the problem and tell you your options.  You can schedule the repair at your convenience.

We guarantee our work, and we get the job done when we say we will!  You’ll see that we live up to our name.

Please call us to schedule an appointment today

Call us at:(706) 965-8697 (office)

(432) 421-1067 (Cell)

 Or email us:  abctowingandrepair@gmail.com

We are conveniently located at 2524 HWY 41 Ringgold, GA 30736

ABC Towing & Repair Service is standing by 24/7 in Ringgold, GA.  There are no business hours as we offer our services 24/7 and 365 days a year which includes weekends and holidays.  Our team of experienced towing professionals provide high quality reliable towing services at an affordable price. Since our technicians and towing specialists are always on standby, we can easily arrive at the accident location within 30 minutes from your call.  

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