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Tips for getting your car air conditioning serviced and ready for summer in the Ringgold Area

Springtime is prime time to clean your car inside and out, and make sure your car air conditioning system is properly serviced so that it will be in top running order after our recent winter.  A wash and wax will do more than make the car look good; it will enhance the value should you decide to sell the vehicle.

In addition to getting your car air conditioning serviced, tires are another good place to focus some attention.  Tire pressure can rise in warm spring weather, affecting your mileage and the car’s roadworthiness.   Winter and mountain roads can take a toll on a car’s alignment, too, so the suspension and struts may need to be checked if you’re not getting a smooth ride.

Car Air Conditioning Repair Service in Ringgold area

The very cold and raining weather we experienced this winter can often make all of your belts brittle including the belts connected to your Car Air Conditioning System. 


  • Your car’s battery also might have become worn down during the winter, so get a free, quick test to measure its strength and ensure the connections are clean and tight. Batteries wear out, so if yours is more than a few years old it may need to be replaced soon.
  • Check the fluids –- coolant, brakes, windshield washer, transmission and others.
  • You probably didn’t use the air conditioner much this winter. How is it working now?
  • Look through the manual for your car and see if the vehicle is due for any specific maintenance.  You will kick yourself if you ignore the manual now and the vehicle breaks down later because you ignored the recommended preventive maintenance.

Car Air Conditioning Service and Repairs in Ringgold

Our experienced mechanics can solve your mechanical problems and prevent others from happening.  And we service all major brands of cars and trucks.  Choose ABC Towing & Repair to be your one-stop shop for reliable car care.

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