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Got Engine Problems in Ringgold, GA

Could you have possibly experienced a blown head gasket? Hearing Knocking Noises or seeing smoke out of your tailpipe? Your engine simply not performing?

Give ABC Towing & Repair a call for diagnostics. 706-965-8697 (office) 423-421-1067 (24 hr. dispatching)

Lets discuss some signs that you may be looking at an engine replacement. 


A symptom of problems on the way is hearing your car engine knock. Bearing that support the engine could possibly be poorly greased and could result in a seized engine. IF your engine is knocking it is extremely important to have it looked at ASAP. Cars with higher mileage often see this end result. 


If you see lots of smoke coming from your tailpipe and it is colored you may have serious mechanical issues. Typically the white smoke is a coolant issue and needs to be addressed before your car overheats. Blue Smoke can be a little more serious, causing significant wear and tear on the engine due to an internal oil leak. Black smoke is not as bad, this is typically your car burning too much fuel (or running rich). This could be something as small as a clogged air filter. Or it could be a little bit worse resulting in the spark plugs or ignition coils having to be replaced. 

Your Car not performing as well as it should in Ringgold GA?

If your engine wont start, or is not idling like it should or something such as not getting up to speed as it did in the past. All of these things are items to be concerned with and you should definitely contact ABC Towing & Repair LLC to get a diagnostic completed as soon as possible. We can give you the options for a new or used engine which ever fits your budget/needs. If we get lucky and its one of the more minor problems we will be happy to tackle those for you as well. Please don’t forget to give us a call for your towing needs as well.


706-965-8697 (OFFICE)

423-421-1067 (24 HR DISPATCH)



ABC Towing & Car Accident Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

ABC Towing & Repair Service is standing by 24/7 in Ringgold, GA.  There are no business hours as we offer our services 24/7 and 365 days a year which includes weekends and holidays.  Our team of experienced towing professionals provide high quality reliable towing services at an affordable price. Since our technicians and towing specialists are always on standby, we can easily arrive at the accident location within 30 minutes from your call.  

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