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Discover the importance of CV Axle Maintenance

You’re driving down the road and your car has noticeable vibrations, your wheels feel like they are shaking, and you have difficulty steering. You might also find you have a hard time controlling the vehicle. Sound bad? It is and is no fun to drive. Plus, it can be dangerous.  You ask yourself, “What the heck is going on?”

You might be experiencing the symptoms of a bad CV Axle.  Are you wondering what a CV Axle might be?

Let’s discuss that in this blog.  These Axles are more important than you think. They are the key to the smooth running of those wheels.

CV Axles or Constant Velocity Axles get power to the wheels. Power comes from the transmission. That push from the transmission goes directly to the CV Axles. From there the Axles get the power and because they are connected to the wheels, get them to turn.  That is why we at ABC Towing and Repair want to tell you why maintenance on these parts are so important.

Without healthy CV Axles and proper lubrication your wheels can seize. If this happens you are out of luck.  CV Axles are in constant operation and can come under a lot of stress.  CV Axles have joints that must be greased up and flexible.  To eliminate the development of a problem we at ABC suggest proper maintenance.  These joints in the Axle must be properly greased for them to move smoothly.  This allows for a healthy Axle and will get the system to propel the automobile or truck down the road.

At ABC we can take a look at the health of your CV Axles.  If necessary, and the Axles are beyond repair, we can suggest appropriate replacements.  The good news is that you don’t have to let it go that far.  Let us take a comprehensive peek at these important components. This will ensure your wheels keep rolling forward. 

That’s the ticket! Vroom! Vroom!

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