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When you are looking for a tow and dependable vehicle repair hire the “Best in Town” -- ABC Towing and Repair

Life happens 24 hours a day. What that means is that no matter the time of day or night, you may be traveling on the road to the next show, meeting, or maybe a celebration.  It is imperative that you make it on time.  That means that the engine under the hood, the transmission, and axles must be working  just right.  The vehicle has to be road ready for top performance. Expect this from ABC Towing and Repair. Excellence in service!

  We at ABC Towing and Repair proudly serve the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.  Many say that we offer the best maintenance and service around and it is just that simple. Period.  We have decades of experience and have served over 5,200 happy and satisfied customers.

Best Auto Repair in Ringgold GA -- ABC Towing and Repair

 As well, we operate 24 hours a day.  Safety comes first so if you are in need of a tow, are locked out of your car, or need accident pick up at 2 o’clock in the morning, or any time of day or night, call us and we will be on our way to you.

Are we depended on in times of emergency?  Yes.  We have towed over 3,700 vehicles. That counts. 

Remember we service all parts of the Chattanooga area including many communities, so we are definitely close.  Since we serve all times of day or night, we suggest just adding our contact information to your smartphone so you have access to us 24 hours of day.

We are the pros.  In business since 1997 our employees are Federal DOT certified.  We will be sure that you are safe, back home, and in your repaired car or truck quickly so you can be back to the road in no time flat.

ABC Towing & Car Accident Repair Service in Ringgold, GA

ABC Towing & Repair Service is standing by 24/7 in Ringgold, GA.  There are no business hours as we offer our services 24/7 and 365 days a year which includes weekends and holidays.  Our team of experienced towing professionals provide high quality reliable towing services at an affordable price. Since our technicians and towing specialists are always on standby, we can easily arrive at the accident location within 30 minutes from your call.  


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